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Hello. Aloha. Ciao. Ni hao.
Hi, I'm Spence.

Before writing bestselling books, Spence Shishido worked as an international communications officer with the United Nations and consultant for nonprofits around the globe. Spence’s passion for storytelling blossomed early, growing up in south Florida, she wrote her first newspaper column in the second grade. She later graduated from Fordham University in the vibrant heart of NYC and was awarded a writing internship with the United Nations. This was the start of her career on a globe-trotting journey traversing cities from Juba to Rome, Bangkok and beyond.


She's gone from editing peace treaties to penning whimsical tales of ferns and falling in love. Her first book, 'Love Advice From a Fern,' is an illustrated kawaii book that tells the story of a fern's search for romance and self-discovery. Her literary prowess shines through in her first illustrated book, garnering 5-Star reviews on Amazon. 

"Refreshing take on love and loss. Witty and succinct with fabulous illustration this book is a must read. Truthful and to the point, a Spence Shishido title not to be missed. Appropriate for all ages."

The story offers relatable tidbits on love and has captured hearts of all ages. This book is the first in a series Spence has planned that will feature plant-driven narratives that shine a light on complex adult emotions.  And....

New Novel Coming Soon!


When she’s not writing, being bookish, or gardening, you can find her advocating for women’s education. She is a member of the American Association of University Women which supports young women with college scholarships on Maui.  She is a certified Poverty Coach from Portland State University, an experience that she brings into her writing, to create deeper empathy for people living in the crisis of poverty and support solutions that break systematic barriers to change.


She is a member of Women Writing the West and has served as a judge for Splitlip Press writing contests. Spence is based on the island of Maui with her family.


She has proudly mastered the art of writing with one hand and holding a coffee in the other. Follow her adventures in literature, love, and leafy greenery on IG @spenceshishido.

Let's grow together!

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Photo Album

Travel Photography

If you look for beauty, it is everywhere. 

I'm sharing some of my favorite personal and professional photography that I've had the honor to capture over the years. 


Empowering Growth

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Advocacy & Volunteerism

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